Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"...He woke up, bumped his head, and wouldn't get up in the morning!"

It's raining. Yes, it is most definately THAT time of year. This morning I had the opening shift, and as I took the chairs down from the tables I looked out at the water in the street. Boy, it was rising fast! Wait a minute! If it keeps raining like this, it won't be long before that's more than rain! What happens if the ocean gets filled up too much? My uniform would get wreaked. I'd probably loose my name tag in my rush to reach higher ground. The bosses wouldn't like that. And all the hairnets would get washed away! Hooray for work without hairnets! In my dreams.

I like this time of year. Jeans, sweatshirts, blankets, hot drinks, books, movies...

Personal note here: Amy, watch out for the SK in Thailand. He'll probably show up somewhere. Don't forget to tell me about it!

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J n' N said...

Layne, its almost time for you to get out your hat again... dont let it get eaten by an elephant though.