Sunday, December 31, 2006

Don't even bother reading this. Really, it's not worth it.

While looking over my last few posts, I noticed that I've had to edit a few of them. Something must be wrong if I have to do that all the time. Perhaps I say too many things I shouldn't.

Several weeks ago I was talking to someone at work about a certain movie that gives Jesus a personality. And I don't mean all those old movies where He always looks like the cross is hanging over a wet blanket. I don't think He was like that at all...and yet, I don't really know what I think He was. I can't get past the part about Him being God. In my mind He’s holy, perfect, solemn, and untouchable. Closer than Allah, but still not…I don’t know. For example, I hear people talking about God liking to be asked or wanting us to tell Him what we feel, what we need, etc. But I think about how frustrated I get with 6 little kids (or even just one or two) demanding my attention and needing my help. Give me a break! I’m selfish and I want to do my own thing un-interrupted for a couple of hours. And if I just saw you do something, I don’t want you to replay it for me, even if it WAS funny. So how can I believe that God wants that? I suppose the key would be in SELFISH. I am. God’s not. See? Even in this post I can’t get past Jesus being God. Shut up, Layne. You’re babbling and no one cares anyway.

SO, happy new year to you all. I’ll go now.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Taming of the Shrew

I found the most hillarious version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew at the library the other day. It's a stage production on film done by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...sooooooooooo funny! My sister and I have been laughing our heads off tonight. Some brilliant acting, in my opinion.

Incase you didn't know...and some people don't...I LOVE Shakespeare's comedies. And this is one of my absolute favorites.

Monday, December 11, 2006

...and their "new" grandkid

Grandpa, Grandma, and some grandkids

Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Danaka, and Mitch

Grandpa Johnson and Grandma Schindel

That day

"My first sight of Grandpa made me cry. He lay in the hospital bed that had been moved into his and Grandma's bedroom. The blanket was pulled up under his chin and all you could see was his head. All the hollows were sunken in and his skin was very yellow. He smiled a little when he saw me, and I leaned over and gave him a hug. I felt like I might break him, he was so fragile....I knelt down beside the bed and told Grandpa about my week of hanging out with homeless people and giving roses to prostitutes. As I talked his eyes kept closing. I think he dozed of and I left the room. I sat on a chair in Grandma's livingroom and cried hard....The last time I went in was just before we left. I leaned over and kissed his forehead and told him I loved him. "I love you." he said in a strained voice hardly louder than a whisper....

"Sunday afternoon [Dec 11] I went with Hillary, Jill, Jana, Eunie, Melissa, and Andrew to UBC. We just walked around exploring. After we'd been there for a while (it was about 4:40) Hillary's cell rang. I was just about to run around an indian longhouse when Hillary said the phone was for me. Everyone got very quiet...When I got off the phone I found myself in a big bear hug in Hillary's arms. I was very soon hugged from behind by several other people..."

Edit: I wasn't/am not particularly sad or anything. I wanted to edit this post and say that earlier, but the power has been out at my house and I haven't had access to the internet.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Newsflash: Baby Brother Carried Off by Rogue Eagles!

So, a few months ago I was telling a girl at work about my family. Then I got talking about my cat, Charlie Chaplin. I was telling her about how we moved into a particular house and shortly after had to move out because it was flooded, and no one was around the house much, and I didn't think Charlie had really settled in and One Day we discovered that no one had seen him for a while. Haley looked so concerned at this point in the story, and knowing that she likes animals, I figured she was worried about where the story was going. So of course the...morbid side of me perhaps?...went on to tell her that we've never seen him since, and always just figured he was dead...maybe an eagle carried him off or a car hit him.

Haley stared at me with HUGE expressive eyes. "You have NO IDEA how your brother died?"