Friday, June 02, 2006

"Life is good...with or without Coca-Cola." --'Santos'

Lazy. Content. Serene. Today I wonder why I ever worry about things. God makes them all work out in the end if you trust Him, so why not enjoy each moment as it comes while you can?
I packed a few un-needed necessities in my Morocco bag and meandered down in the general direction of the beach. Didn't actually make it 'cause I made a detour to visit my substitute garden for a while. My property has a house, motor boat, 3 vehicles, lots of cement blocks for landscaping, and SAND. No garden. I suppose that's ok, cause if we had a garden it would probably die on us anyway. But my substitute garden is an almost marshy bit of grass surrounded by a few trees and lots of wild rose bushes. I perch myself on a stump (reminiscent of another stump I loved to sit on as a little girl) and admire the random beauty of the flowers, grass texture, and the birds' songs. A hummingbird came to keep me company for a little while. She hung about in a bush about 3 feet away from me, flying from branch to branch, sitting a while, and preening herself. I've never seen one so close, nor one that sat for so long on one branch, and I've never seen a hummingbird preen before.
The wind is blowing. Something about the force makes my mind go 'round and 'round, spinning with plans, stories, ideas, questions. I usually get into a writing mood when it blows. Maybe I should go work on my story...
Or not.
But whatever else I do, I shall go now. ¡Hasta luego, mis amigos!


The Barista Worker said...

Dude. When I come back to Vancouver, can I stay at your beach? I like sand. =D

*and you so stole that silent evil one thing from me, but fah, it is true...*

grey squirrel said...

Absolutely you can stay here. You were supposed to before, remember? Invitation still stands. But let me warn you...the beach is rocky.

Yeah, you and Andrew both gave me variations of the name. So then you can't exactly say I stole it.