Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Was you ever bit by a dead bee?

Quoted from what movie?
And yet another sunny day! A few weeks ago we had special garbage pickup (don't you think ALL garbage wants to be special?), but all them there garbage guys left stuff and never came back to get it. So today our poor unwanted, unloved, replaced fridge is getting picked up and taken to join his fellow unwanteds. I really should post a picture of my mother's beloved fridge that caused so much pain in the life of our old friend. He had to go though. Too small. And then I look at the Kotter's fridge in Welcome Back, Kotter and think, "How did they fit ANYTHING in there?" Mrs. Kotter must just shop everyday. Fortunately she didn't have 8 kids to feed or she'd be shopping 2 or 3 times!
I don't suppose I need to say anything else, right? You were DYING to hear about the fridge and now you have and are happy. Good. My job is completed. Have a nice day!


The Barista Worker said...

Where is that quote from? I'm curious really, plus that would defy logic...and suck.

grey squirrel said...

"To Have and Have Not" staring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. One of my favorite movies. You should watch it.