Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm from Kiwiland?

"Where's home for you?" the gentleman asked as he pulled a debit card from his wallet.
"North of here," I told him, wondering why he asked.
"And before that home was...?"
I looked at him quizically.
"Are you from Australia or New Zealand? You have an accent."
I grinned. "So I've heard. Most people guess it's a slight british accent. I was born and raised in BC, though, and my parents don't have accents like that."
It's out now. The other cachiers know about my never having been to school and having 7 siblings. Again I am the oddity. The evening they found out, I couldn't stop grinning at all their reactions. "There's EIGHT kids in your family? And you've NEVER been to public school?" You got that right. Never been to any kind of school. It's really not as uncommon as you think.
I'm reading The Oath by Frank Peretti...just about finished. It's the first of his books I've read and I've found it fascinating. A nice detour from my general genre of books. I don't usually read science it, but don't read it. I think I'll pay more attention to him from now on.
I was thinking about my Grandpa today. I heard something, don't remember what...something someone said, or a song or something...and that triggered it. I remember going down Island sometimes to visit on Father's day. I was looking at some pictures the other night too.
I'm not really sad...just...thoughtful? nostalgic? And quite disappointed that he never got to see Anders.

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Amy said...

Hey Layne,
That's so exciting that you are reading THE OATH! Frank Peretti is my absolute FAVOURITE author...I LOVE his books. I have read almost all of his books except Tilly (which I REALLY want to read) and maybe some of his older novels (the kids ones). I'm glad you like hime!