Saturday, May 06, 2006

game of tag

I got tagged!
I AM: enjoying this grey day, msning friends, and adding this entry to my blog because I got tagged. Thanks Laura L.
I WANT: to write something someone might actually ENJOY reading, and that I can be proud of.
I WISH: I could play the violin like Vivaldi or with as much life as Chris Thile plays the mandolin
I HATE: long stretches of grey/wet days, raisins, and stories where everyone dies at the end.
I LOVE: a well written, intriguing story (or movie, especially if it stars Bogart in a non-mustached role), celtic and spanish and gypsy music, and turtle brownies
I MISS: my DTS friends, finding letters in the real mail box, and living 'out in the boonies' in a little log house with snakes, lizards, and no end of dead shrews to disect.
I FEAR: sorry, this is TOO personal. It's not like spiders, though I do own I'm scared of the big ones.
I HEAR: Danaka jumping in the kitchen, Mitchell crunching corn chips and rattling the bag, Grandma checking up on everyone, the dishwasher running, Rauchelle making sure everyone has put their stuff away and trying to find something to occupy her time until she has to leave for work, and the hum of our new and beautiful freezer that sits next to the fridge (or maybe it's the fridge I hear). And in my head I hear Mark saying "Hear it with your knuckles. SHOW me, don't tell me!"
I WONDER: what God has in store for me. Are my dreams part of His plan? And if they are, how and when and where will I get the ball rolling?
I REGRET: wasted time (much of my life), and not having gotten to know my grandpa better.
I AM NOT: a boy. Never have been, never will be, never want to be. Why won't they (younger siblings) get it and stop calling me "Laynie-boy"? I am not as stupid as I sometimes seem. I'm just slow.
I DANCE: ONLY with younger siblings at this point. Just wait though! I intend to learn how to ballroom dance one day. And dance at my wedding.
I SING: while I work (at home) if I'm in a good mood. Usually when I'm near a sink. I guess sinks make me sing.
I CRY: for various reasons at various times. Usually alone on my bed.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: quiet. Or loud and abnoxious. Or smart. Or idiotic. People just generally see me in one setting and so only see one side of me.
I WRITE: to relieve my mind (but only really for the last 8 or so months), or keep in contact with friends. And I attempt to write stories, but so far it hasn't really worked.
I CONFUSE: most of the produce codes I'm trying to memorize, especially the code for avocado and romain lettuce. I sometimes have to think a moment about which is my right hand and which is my left. Thanks to tendonitis. :P
I NEED: a lot of patience, a new and faster brain, and my drivers license. Working on that.
I SHOULD: sweep the floor, but I don't want to.
I START: praying about various things and for various people during my breaks at work.
I FINISH: playing piano when I get frustrated with my inability to properly play "Jessica's Theme Song" from "The Man from Snowy River"
I TAG: YOU! I think Josh and Nancy are the only people I know who read my blog and were not tagged by Laura L and are not out of the country. Therefore I tag them specifically, and everyone else generally.


Laura said...

Thanks for doing the tag, Layne! Enjoyed reading it. You were much more creative then me.:-P (it was past my bedtime...but you'd still be more creative then me, regardless.:P) Ohhh, we love the "Man from Snowy River" movies.:-)

Amy said...

Hey're just SO SO SO entertaining...I love you!!!

grey squirrel said...

Thanks Amy.

Amy said...

You're welcome!! :)