Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dry Ice

Do you know how cool dry ice is? We got some in our box of delivered groceries today and tossed it in the sink. So much fun just running the water and watching the gas. Especially when the sink couldn't drain fast enough, so you get bubbles of gas popping out like the water was boiling or something.

Went to work today and memorized some more 4-digit produce numbers. I'm kinda nervous because Friday's my next day to work, and I start actually working the till. I know I'll get it, though. Everyone else does.

Today is one of those great days you wish you could have more of. The sun is shining, that energizing celtic music is playing jigs in my ears, head, and one of those innermost organs I have and can't remember the name of. One of my grandmas is here to stay with us while Mom and Dad (and Andy-boy and Toveli) drive a-way up north (in the courtesy car they got when the semi hit Dad's car) for a funeral and lots of reunions with old friends and acquaintances. Grandma's here to make sure the mice don't play, but that don't mean we don't have fun. Lots of games are anticipated in the coming days.

Side note: Celtic music isn't the only thing that makes a day good. Good Spanish guitar or Gypsy music can do it too. Or long letters from a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Or dark chocolate. Or the best book written since Les Miserables. Or an appropriatly used splash of red somewhere.

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