Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Surf's up!

I dreamed last night that I saw a new volcano erupt...and I was watching it with my 'new family'. Very bizarre dream, actually. Apparently one of my parents had recently gotten married (I don't know which one) to someone who had a million kids (slight exageration here, but that's probably what it would feel like if someone with 8 kids married someone else with as many or more). Two of my new sisters are girls I met at work (one of whom I don't really like). Anyway, so I and a few of my new siblings happened to see this excavation site turn into a volcano. Two of us ran away, trying to escape, while the rest went in for a closer look. I don't know what happened to them because I woke up about about 6:00 in the morning. I lay there thinking about my dream when suddenly I thought I was dreaming again. That wasn't a searchlight shining for a brief moment in my room, was it? Thunder is a dead give-away.
So, now it's 9:30 am, the light show is done, but the waves are huge for this side of my island. I suspect the computor will be shut off all day because of the high winds, and lots of people will probably loose their power. Toveli was worried because she thought this storm was also down in Belize...she calmed down when we told her it wasn't and mom and dad are ok.
Yesterday I was working in the coffee shop (no more cashiering! YAY!) and a young lady came upstairs. She was the only customer there at that particular moment. She stood for a moment gazing up at the coffee menu.
"Can I get you anything?"
She stood a moment longer. *sigh* "I don't have the time for one" and she headed back down the stairs.
Most people will decide they don't have time for a coffee BEFORE they come up.

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