Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jinkens Up!

Tonight we played "Jinkens Up". And can I say just how awesome my team was? Danaka, Maret, and Farmore (Grandma Johnson) are the best team mates EVER! We had the others fooled practically the whole game.
For the un-initiated, the gist of the game is that all the players (6 or more) are split into two teams. Each team has a captain. The captain of the starting team takes a dime (or penny or small coin like that) and either keeps it themselves or gives it to a team member. Whoever gets the coin must hide it in their hand (usually squeezed between thumb and forefinger). Everyone makes a fist with their hands, and the captain from the opposite team says "Jinkens Up!" Every fist in the team with the coin must be raised for inspection by the opposing team. When they are satisfied its "Jinkens Down" and the fists must be placed on the table. More inspection by the other team to see if they can spot the coin or notice suspicious behaviour, then "Jinkens on the Table". If the coin is loose, it falls out of your hand and the other team of course knows who has the coin. If it doesn't fall, they get 2 tries to find the correct hand hiding the coin (more tries if there's lots of players).
Get everyone in the right mood, and this game can get pretty hillarious! Oh, the stupidity that comes out of a few rounds of a simple game...good times.

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