Friday, April 07, 2006

Various letters put in random orders to create some sort of sense

Don't you just love accidentally finding old friends? I do. Though, technically Laura and Jillian found me first. Oh, the fun of being found. Thanks, girls!

As usual, life has been busy in a slow sort of way. At times my brain feels overloaded with all this new information I recieve in the morning watching the stock market go up and down and reading about it and talking with my dad about different aspects of it.

Always new information. Right now Mom, Dad, and Rauchelle are talking about being acidic vs. alkaline, where the line is drawn on the pH strip, and why it's better to test your urine instead of your mouth. Chelle said she heard it changes fast in your mouth according to what you see and hear. If that's true, it's very interesting.

So, main topics of conversation in my family:
Health and raw food
Target shooting
Horses (Danaka, Mitchell and Maret are all taking horse back riding lessons once a week)

I am currently reading 4 books:
Of Permanent Value (bio of Warren Buffet)
Swift Trader (day trading stocks in Canada)
Twenty Years After (the second of Alexandre Dumas' books about the Three Musketeers) For the Temple (a G.A. Henty book about the fall of Jerusalem that I am reading to Danaka)

I find reading just one book to be rather boring.


Laura said...

Well, if you want to get really was more like you & Jillian contacted me out of the blue and gave me your online journal urls.:-P I'm sooo glad to have reconnected with both of you, too!

Oh yeah, I forgot your family had alot of G.A. Henty books.:) I just ordered two of them on CD's from Vision Forum.:)

I'm jealous of your siblings taking horse riding lessons.:P

May I ask why you're studying the stock market so diligently?

Take care!

Jillian said...

LOL!! You crack me up! I can't even manage reading one book... oh, maybe that's my problem I need to read ten at a time!! =)