Friday, April 28, 2006


Welcome to Scotland! On the right we have a picture of Edinburgh that DOESN'T feature the castle, though it can be seen in the background. I never got much closer to the castle than this. I came more to check out the art galleries.
Below we have Eileen Donan castle which unfortunatly was closed while we were in that part of the world. Still, we did get to walk around the outside. John McCrae was a Canadian, but I don't recall ever seeing
postcards here with his "In Flanders Field" poem. I found them in the gift shop for the castle. Apparently Eileen Donan is in McCrae clan territory and they appear to be proud of their poet. There's also a Clan McCrae memorial beside the castle.


Laura said...

Neat pictures...thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had lots of fun! I'd like to see Scotland...someday. Thank you for the email!!! It meant alot! I'm sooo sorry I haven't responded, it's been crazy here.:/
Take care!

J n' N said...

hey layney boggs.... im not going to Casablanca *gasp* im actually going to work in Agadir... although in true style, i dont know the deails yet... i just know that i am going. and also that God is going before me so its all good.