Monday, December 04, 2006

Newsflash: Baby Brother Carried Off by Rogue Eagles!

So, a few months ago I was telling a girl at work about my family. Then I got talking about my cat, Charlie Chaplin. I was telling her about how we moved into a particular house and shortly after had to move out because it was flooded, and no one was around the house much, and I didn't think Charlie had really settled in and One Day we discovered that no one had seen him for a while. Haley looked so concerned at this point in the story, and knowing that she likes animals, I figured she was worried about where the story was going. So of course the...morbid side of me perhaps?...went on to tell her that we've never seen him since, and always just figured he was dead...maybe an eagle carried him off or a car hit him.

Haley stared at me with HUGE expressive eyes. "You have NO IDEA how your brother died?"


Ashley Keen said...

It's OK. I'm far from normal myself. I'm sure we'll get along somehow ;)

Also. I giggled at the title of this post. And at the post itself.

It would actually make a great subplot for a really terrible soap opera.

"Next week, a tall, dark mysterious stranger comes to Happysmcburgvilla. No one knows where he comes from or where he's going... or why he makes such curious sqwaucking noises... Will Sabrina find the love of her life as she continues her search for her long lost baby brother -- tragically carried off by rogue eagles, the father of her child and the remaining ouce of your sanity that you so carelessly discarded back in episode 1? Tune in, same bat time, same bat chanel."


... yep. far from normal. ;)

Haley said...

All i can say is What a crazy friend you must have to beleive that your cute little bro actually got carried away by rogue eagles! there must be sumthing wrong with her!
P.s. your an AMAIZING writter Laynnie.