Monday, July 24, 2006


My mom and I were talking for a little bit one evening recently (we talk more than that, but this was a short conversation) and she made some comment about knowing what your personal values are and knowing whether you live with them or against them. Got me thinking. What are my values? What things or ideas do I think are important? How can I know I'm living with them unless I know what they are? So I started writing some down. It's very interesting to see what I actually value and what I just think are good ideas but aren't important to me. I suppose in a way I started subconsciously thinking about it in YWAM, but now I'm trying to articulate it for myself. Do *I* actually believe certain things or put value on them, or am I just thinking a certain way because that's what my parents taught me?
Random thought: cold pancakes, raspberries, and whipped cream are very good on a hot day.
Random picture: I took this picture of the ghosts in Maroc. We were waiting for the cook to arrive at our chosen cafe in Essaouira.
Random thought: my accent says I'm from England, Ireland, and most recently South Africa and New Zealand. Can't I talk like the VIer that I am? I'm CANADIAN, and my parents don't have weird accents. Yet I'm often asked (by locals who I THOUGHT sounded just like me. I grew up here, after all) where I'm from.


Amy said...

Is that really a picture of ghosts? You took it? (I believe's so bad!!) Did you really take that picture? It's so bizarre!!!!

grey squirrel said...

Yes, Amy, I did take that picture. I was hungry and bored and had a camera in my hands. Because of the lack of light the exposure was long, so the people walking past came out looking like ghosts. Simple, really. Just had to hold the camera very still.

Amy said...'re not only a writer, you're a photographer, too!!!