Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When God uses bad judgment

What does it mean to surrender your whole life to God? Does it mean telling people the things you feel God has laid on your heart to say to them? Does it mean moving to Guatemala if you feel it is His will? Does it mean taking drastic action to stop having kids after two because your previous pregnancies endangered your life? Or to stop after 8 because you landed in the hospital?
Why could I go to Indonesia and get decapitated because I'm a Christian and people back home would say, "God's will be done. He's called her home to receive her crown" but if I bled to death after 3 difficult pregnancies many of the same people would say, "What business did she have trying to have another baby? She nearly died after the first two" as if I can really determine wether I have a baby or not? God sent it, right? I didn't make it.
Why do we talk so much about God's leading in every aspect of our lives and yet put limitations on what parts He really has any say on? God never said life was going to be easy. He said we would have trials. And He never said He wouldn't let us die. So, is letting Him send that last pregnancy that ultimately ends your life bad judgment? Does God use bad judgment?
I've had to think about this. What with my mom recently having her eighth baby and ending up in the hospital (she's fine now) and people asking me if my parents are going to stop now and wanting to know what I think of their philosophy, it's been on my mind. Dad and I talked about it this afternoon (among other things) so I thought I'd share it with any who cares to read this.
Thoughts, any one?

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