Monday, March 13, 2006

We Live In A Beautiful World

I went for a walk yesterday down a road that I haven't walked down since my week home over Christmas when I was walking with a friend from DTS (Eunie!!). The sun was shining (cold, though) and I felt like I could do anything I wanted. Then a line from a song popped into my head: "We live in a beautiful world. Yeah we do, yeah we do." I don't know the rest of the song, I just heard it a few times in Scotland when Hillary, Adam, Laura and Jen were practicing one of our dramas. So this little bit of song nearly made me cry as it finally hit me that my fellow Morocscotlanders are all spread out and I'm not going to see them for a while. I miss everyone from DTS, even those I never really got to know, but most especially I miss my team. I still insist I ended up with the best team in the history of YWAM.

Another bit of song also accurately described the day: "Woke up this morning had you on my mind, it's one of those beautiful days, I thank God I'm not blind..." Laura, I just LOVE your brown and green song!


Rachel said...

welcome to the blogging world layne!
its kind of a weird feeling for dts to be over eh?!
i really loved having you and all the others around the base. its weird now you guys are gone!
youre great! keep us updated!

The Barista Worker said...

It's Coldplay I think.

The only Reason I remember is because I picked it.

Hey, even though we both blog...(and I need to update more) e-mails are great to get. =P